Professor of Entrepreneurship | MIT Sloan School

Meet Ash

Ash is a world renowned Startup Professor and Coach. As a visiting Professor of Entrepreneurship at the INSEAD Business School (ranked #1 international business school by Financial Times) and the Ivey Business School (ranked #1 international business school by Business Week), his students launched over 500 companies in 50 countries around the world and have gone on to collectively raised almost $1 billion dollars in funding.

Ash's entrepreneurial journey started while still a student at Chinese University in Hong Kong, he conceived and launched SNBS, a corporate social networking company which was acquired when he was just 22 years old.

In his next role, Ash served as the Chief Technology Officer for At-Life, which created Singapore’s largest customer loyalty rewards program with 500,000 members, for McDonald's in all of their 125 restaurants.

Ash was also one of founders of Interactive SG - which flourished into one of Asia's leading digital media and new business accelerator based in Singapore. His flagship project "The Angel's Gate"​ was Asia's first crowdfunding TV platform for entrepreneurs that was aired prime-time on MediaCorp's Channel NewsAsia to 30MM homes in the region.

His success in the field was noted by Business Week in 2009 as one of "Asia's Top Young Entrepreneurs"​ and reiterated by the Economic Times in 2012 for having "built a solid reputation as one of the most successful serial entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia"​

As a basketball fan, he is a co-owner and "super fan"​ of the Singapore Slingers professional basketball team.

He also studies the martial art of Mauy Thai and trains at Evolve MMA gym in Singapore and Thailand.

In his free time, Ash promotes his favourite hobby, turbans, through his mobile app "Turbanizer" which is on track for 1 million downloads.