All-day, High-Power Program at Lucerna


The Startup World Cup & Summit promises a day full of networking, opportunities, and inspiration. Dive in and discover the startup world, get valuable experience, find a project to invest in, or enter the Startup World Cup competition, with a chance to win an investment of $1M.

We’re proud to be bringing the CEE startup world together in Prague on October 17th, 2017. Have a look and explore some of what you can expect on that day. Will you be there?

Inspiration Zone

Learn from visionaries who have dramatically influenced our views on what the possibilities and abilities of startups can be and get inspired by some of the most promising startups that will share their stories of how they turned their dreams into reality. Book your seat now and plan to be inspired!

Interactive Zone

Take part in this special program, which highlights the life of a startup from a firsthand perspective. Hosted within the relaxed atmosphere of the Lucerna Music Bar, some of the brightest stars of the startup world will offer interactive presentations that will engage, excite, and delight the audience, while offering up vital information and learnings.

Discussion Tables

Join our discussion tables where experienced mentors from the local and global startup scene will take you through the essential aspects of a startup business. Look forward to hearing stories of those who have seen the ups and downs of a startup, learning tips and techniques about marketing and sales, discovering the best practices of bringing a product to market, finding out how to build a successful team, and plenty more.

Startup Stand

Having your own presentation stand in the Lucerna Great Hall is the ideal way to present your project, get vital feedback from all participants and guests, and shine in front of investors and potential customers. Due to venue capacity, there is a limited number of stands available. We’ll take care of the branding of the stand, you just focus on bringing your “A” game.

2018 Startup World Cup Contest

The regional finals of the 2018 Startup World Cup will draw many of the best startups from across Europe. An expert panel of jurists will begin by selecting the 9 most promising startups from all those who enter, with the last spot left open as a wild card, which will go to the top startup from those that will be participating in the Trial Pitch Zone (see below). Those top 10 startups will then take to the main stage and fight for a chance to advance to the World Finals and win the grand prize of a $1M investment.

Trial Pitch Zone

The Trial Pitch Zone provides a uniquely rewarding opportunity for all startups involved. You have the chance to present your project in front of investors who are actively looking to invest, be one of three projects that receive the Fundlift Award and $200k in funding, and grab the coveted wild card spot in the Startup World Cup regional finals!

All applicants who enter the Startup World Cup will be evaluated, with 50 standouts being chosen to compete. The top 9 will automatically continue onto the regional finals, with that final wild card spot being filled by one of the other 41 projects competing in the Trial Pitch Zone. The process will include a series of short presentations, followed by simple Q&As and feedback, and then the investors will assign virtual money to individual projects. The one that collects the largest amount will win the wild card spot and a place in the top 10.

Student Startup Battle

Are you a high school or college student and preparing your first big startup project? If so, then the Startup World Cup & Summit could be the best next step you take. Apply for your chance to get one of four spots in the Student Startup finals and have the opportunity to present your project in front of numerous investors in the Interactive Zone. Want to aim even higher? Then submit your project directly to the Startup World Cup main competition and see how far you can go!

Angel Academy

Do you have the opportunity and resources to invest, but no clear idea how to do so successfully? If so, then be sure to visit the Angel Academy and become an investment angel that same day! Experienced mentors will share their investment advice and, if you want to try investing right away, take a seat in the Trial Pitch Zone and see potential opportunities firsthand.

Relax Zone

Be sure to take a break from the busy program and chill out in the Lucerna Gallery. For the event, it will be transformed into a premiere relax zone where you can sit down for an important meeting, indulge in fascinating conversations, or simply kick back and catch your breath.

Networking Nirvana

Sometimes a simple, “Hello”, accompanied with a smile, can be the start of big things. At the Startup World Cup & Summit, you will be immersed in the startup scene and the opportunities to network with investors, third parties, peers, and customers, will be through the Lucerna roof. To help guide you, and keep your appointments organized, utilize our specialized app, or simply dive in and be surprised.

The After Party

Whether you come to try and score that huge investment, collect as many contacts as possible, find a project that resonates with you, or any of the other multitude of reasons, all participants can share in one thing - an evening to let loose and enjoy some drinks at the Lucerna Music Bar.