SWCS: The Unification of the CEE Startup Community


Combining two premiere events of the CEE startup scene (the Startup World Cup and the Startup Summit), the Startup World Cup & Summit is a unique event where visitors from across the startup spectrum will be able to come together to connect, find inspiration, and be rewarded.

No greater aspect of the SWCS encapsulates this more than the Startup World Cup competition, which not only offers promising startups a chance to advance to the grand finale in Silicon Valley and win an investment of $1M, but also gives investors and business leaders a firsthand look at a variety of promising startups and get the pulse of the latest innovations driving the future of business.

This unique opportunity has already attracted a bevy of both local and foreign investors and visionaries, looking to connect, discover, and share knowledge. Because of that, startups won’t have to look far to find inspiration or guidance as the vast majority of these industry leaders have considerable startup experience and have successfully brought ambitious, impactful projects to life.

That guidance and inspiration will come in various forms at the SWCS, beginning with the Discussion tables, where startups can sit down with experts and discuss the trials and tribulations of operating a startup. Or perhaps take part in the Interactive Zone, where guests will be taken through the startup life by industry leaders in a unique, interactive experience. These two examples are just the tip of the SWCS iceberg, with a variety of hosted activities and events planned for all guests to dive into.

Mirroring the unique qualities of the SWCS event is the venue itself, the iconic Lucerna Palace. These historic grounds, consisting of various halls, a gallery, a music bar, and more, will provide ample space and facilities for the event, while enabling an atmosphere where the guests can be fully immersed and comfortable throughout.

Are you excited for October 17th? 1st Round tickets are now available for a limited-time discounted rate, so be sure to pick up yours today here.