BioTech Award by Delta Ventures

In partnership with Delta Ventures, the BioTech Award will be given to a standout BioTech startup that is competiting in the Startup World Cup.

To be eligible, your startup must be focused on one of the following:

  • Health care
  • Diagnostics/Preventative medicine
  • Microbiology
  • Molecular biology
  • Development of medical-related software, research, or equipment

How to apply?

All startups that sign up for the Startup World Cup by September 12th will automatically be considered for the BioTech Award if they focus on one of the above-mentioned categories. This means that startups active in the BioTech sector have a chance to win up to three times (i.e. BioTech Award, Fundlift Award, and Startup World Cup regional finals) at the SWCS!

What can you win?

The prize for the BioTech Award is a selection of Apple products (including an iPhone 7 and MacBook) provided by Delta Ventures and annual incubation in biomedical incubator 4MEDi.

Participants of the BioTech Award are also automatically competing in the Startup World Cup main category where you can win the journey to Silicon Valley and investment of $1,000,000

BioTech Award Jury

The jury, which will be selected by Delta Ventures, includes both investors and leading experts in the medical field. Because of this, participation in this category gives interested startups important contacts within the healthcare industry.

The jury members of the Delta Ventures BioTech Award are:

Michal Zahradníček

Michal Zahradníček is an investor, philanthropist and a founder of several companies in the fields of biomedicine, IT and green energy. He founded and is the majority shareholder of companies PrimeCell Advanced Therapy a PrimeCell Bioscience, both of which are investing into applied research of innovative pharmaceuticals and biomedicine. He also founded a biohub called 4Medical Innovation.

Michael Broda

Michael Broda led the CE Wood team, which consisted of more than 5000 employees. He’s the founder and current Head of the Supervisory Board of the Delta Capital a.s. investment group. He focuses on projects in management buy-out/buy-in. He also founded Delta Medical Holding and oversees Delta Ventures, which focuses on investment in startups.

Jozef Janov

Jozef Janov is a Managing Partner of the Hartenberg Fund, which handles resources valued at€200M. He’s the Head of the Supervisory Boards in the FutureLife, international medical holding focused on assisted reproduction, and in Imunoglukan, a Slovak biotechnological company.

Michal Vodrážka

Michal Vodrážka specializes in the upper management of corporations and holding companies with high turnover. He has considerable experience in managing investment funds and crisis management. As a manager, he’s helped with the restructuring of numerous companies. Additionally, he’s currently a coach for various startups and a member of the START IT UP! Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Svatopluk Němeček

Svatopluk Němeček has been the director of the Ostrava Teaching Hospital since 2005. Between 2013 and 2016, he was the Minister of Healthcare of the Czech Republic. In his managerial work, he emphasizes economic efficiency, with the hospital remaining profitable and the recipient of numerous awards.

Jiří Potůček

Jiří Potůček started his career as a scientist at IKEM (Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine) in Prague. Later he was a visiting professor at TU Delft and in the Department of Bioengineering at California State University Chico. In 1991, he founded and led Medisoft International and the MEDICUS project (4000 private clinics, small hospitals, and healthcare centers). He’s also the founder of the E-Health Technology Center Association.

Jaromír Zahrádka

Jaromír Zahrádka is a director of i&i Prague, a new company in the holding of IOCB CAS, that uses its know-how and investments to support commercial development of research projects in the health sector. He was a Business Developer in IOCB TTO since 2012, was participating in IOCB project portfolio development, managed its spin-off companies and helped with sale of many patents in previous years.