Keynote speakers

Benjamin Von Wong

Global Influencer

Benjamin Von Wong is a fighter against global climate change and draws attention to these issues through the unique photos and footage, which are then distributed primarily through social networks, with financing coming mainly through crowdfunding.

Frank Salzgeber,

Head of Technology Transfer Programme Office​​​​​​​

Frank Salzgeber works for the European Space Agency supervising the world’s biggest business network for the space industry. He leads a programme that facilitates the use of space technologies and systems in non-space applications.

Andres De León, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies


Andres De León has nearly 30 years of international experience in manufacturing, financial and business sectors. He serves as a COO of innovative project Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, that is considered the largest and most successful crowd-sourced startup in history.

Karel Janeček,
RSJ / D21 / UP21

Mathematician, philanthropist & co-founder UP21

Billionaire Karel Janeček is with his mathematical algorithm the biggest trader on the London-based derivative exchange. He is also co-founder of the UP21 startup accelerator and incubator.


Flavia (Barbat) Anghel, Brandura International


As Editor-in-Chief of both top branding journal Brandingmag and, Flavia is the go-to person for editorial dexterity. She founded Brandura International, a company encompassing marketing editorial expertise, and many experiential conferences.

Otto Fabri,
Tesla Motors / Faraday Future

Principal Engineer

Otto Fabri is a Design Engineer in the automotive industry, experienced in the development of autonomous EVs and technologies related to renewable energy. At Tesla Motors, he worked on the Model S and Model X. Now he is at Faraday Future.

David Pavlík

Software program manager

David has a long-time experience in innovative companies around the world. He contributed to the launch of products such as Microsoft Office or House of Cards. In the SpaceX company, he works on the software equipment for the Dragon spacecraft.

Lubo Smid,

Co-founder & COO

Lubo is the co-founder of the STRV developer studio, which eventually relocated to the US following its success in the domestic market. STRV is now developing mobile apps primarily for the US market, but its developers can still be found in Prague.

Marián Gazdík,
Startup Grind Europe


Marián Gazdík is the European Director of the Startup Grind global community, which is supported by the Google for Entrepreneurs and aims to train, inspire and connect entrepreneurs, helping them with the successful development of their companies.

Lucie Tvarůžková,


As the CEO of Zonky, Lucie helped develop and launch their Czech P2P loan platform. In 2017, she successfully guided the firm through its acquisition by the Home Credit financial group and subsequently returned to the Creative Dock startup incubator.

Martin Pejša, Creative Dock

Founder & Managing Director

Martin Pejša founded and runs the Creative Dock, which has become a place where are both independent and custom-made startups created. Before that, he worked for large companies, most recently as a sales director at Vodafone CZ, where he led more than 1,000 people in stores and call centers.

Jan Beránek,

Founder & CEO

Jan Beránek is the founder and CEO of U+. His company helps makes ideas real by guiding founders and corporations through lean startup process, development and support of their platforms. U+ helped over 40 startups in the past two years.

Peter Ocásek,

Founder & CEO

Peter Ocásek is founder & CEO of Angelcam (security cameras integration platform), co-founder of startup accelerator StartupYard and incubator Node5. On a volunteering basis he works as a mentor and consultant, especially for B2B startups and universities.

Thomas Kösters, EIT Digital

International Outreach Lead

Managing partnerships in 14 countries Thomas Kösters has a wide knowledge of internationalization strategies. Before joining the EIT Digital accelerator, he worked for Microsoft Ventures. He is also the founder of the Startup Heatmap Europe project, which analyzes founder movements across Europe.

Božena Řežáb, Gamee

Co-founder & CEO

Bozena Rezab is the founder and CEO of Gamee, the social gaming network on a mission to make games easily playable with friends and shareable in all social environments. In Gamee she handles global strategy, partnerships and product development. Prior to Gamee she was responsible for YouTube monetization.

Lukáš Hakoš, Clever Monitor

Founder & CTO

Lukáš Hakoš is the founder and CTO of Clever Monitor. Its product of the same name is the first direct marketing tool with artificial intelligence that learns by itself. Global users of the system are, for example, BMW, NASA, Aukro, Walt Disney or London Airport.

Cédric Maloux, StartupYard


Cédric Maloux is the CEO of StartupYard, the first Czech business accelerator which focuses on technological startups and is a member of the Global Accelerator Network. Cedric has already completed a series of successful projects.

Aleš Michl,


Aleš Michl is an economist, investor and innovator. He co-owns the Quant investment fund which is guided by a unique mathematical algorithm and thus, avoids typical human errors.

Volker Hirsch

Advisor & Angel Investor

Volker is an entrepreneur, angel investor & advisor. He is a co-founder of Blue Beck, the founder of Quantified Ventures, a Venture Partner at Emerge Education, and the Chairman of Bibblio. He also acts as a board member and/or advisor to another seven companies in EdTech, IoT, Travel, Advertising and Gaming.

Jindřich Fialka, Q Designers


Jindřich Fialka is the CEO of Q Designers studio that is using methods of Human Centred Desing, Desing Thinking and Customer Experience Desing for developing products and services. As a mentor, he is helping startups in Impact Hub and ESA Bic incubators.

Ondřej Krátký, Liftago

Co-founder, Chief Growth Officer

Ondřej Krátký is the co-founder of the Czech alternative taxi service Liftago, where he currently serves as the Chief Growth Officer focusing on the expansion of their services to other markets.

Paul Pöltner,


Paul Pöltner is the CEO and founder of CONDA, Europe’s biggest crowdinvestment platform, which offers startups and innovators an opportunity to gain capital from investors for further development. CONDA has given life to many projects across Europe.

Petr Beneš,
6D Academy


Petr Beneš worked for over 20 years in banking sector. As a CIO he was developing new banking systems. In the long-term, he has devoted himself to the influence of the digital revolution on the economy and society. He addresses these issues in the 6D Academy he co-founded.

David Kovalsky,


David is a serial entrepreneur with interest in FinTech and smart solutions for gastronomy. As the CEO of QFix Solutions he’s launched a mobile-first platform for top financial brokers. In 2016 he returned to startup land as a business mentor.

Jan Nekovář, UP21


Jan Petr Nekovář has 15 years of experience in HR and talent development within organizations. He has improved the application of Blanchard theory of situational leadership by adding visualization of different views on a person. He is the founder of Evoering, new style of group and individual work.

Jörg Binnenbrücker, Capnamic Ventures

Founding Partner

Jörg is an attorney at law, studied Economics and has been active in the VC scene for more than 13 years. Before setting up Capnamic, he was the founding partner and managing director of DuMont Venture and built up the investment business of the DuMont media group.

Mischa Wetzel, innogy Ventures

Investment Partner

Mischa has spent two decades in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, roughly half of which as a founder in the Internet, e-commerce, media and music space, the other half as a venture capitalist. Now he serves as an Investment Partner in innogy Ventures.

Jean-Francois Ott, Ott Partners


Real estate developer Jean-Francois Ott, turned startup maven is working on funding and developing projects that are focused on saving lives, including those that are bringing defibrillators and air sensors to public spaces and office buildings.

Nicolas Tommasini, Ott Properties


Real estate developer Nicolas Tommasini, turned startup maven is working on funding and developing projects that are focused on saving lives, including those that are bringing defibrillators and air sensors to public spaces and office buildings.