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Without digital, it’s a lottery

Without preparation, it’s inefficient

Without intelligence, it’s spammy

Sometimes a simple “Hello” accompanied with a smile, can be the start of big things. At the Startup World Cup & Summit, you will be immersed in the startup scene and the opportunities to network with investors, third parties, peers, and customers, will be through the Lucerna roof. To help guide you, and keep your appointments organized, utilize our specialized app, or simply dive in and be surprised.

Along with you ticket to SWCS, you will gain an access into Swapcard app. There you can, thanks to clever matchmaking solution, connect with people that are of interest to you, schedule a face-to-face meeting, reserve a spot at one of the discussion tables or choose what catches your interest in the complete program. You can be the tailor of your SWCS experience.

How does Swapcard work?

  1. Purchase a Startup World Cup & Summit ticket.
  2. We will send you an email with instructions on how to log-in to Swapcard after October 7th.
  3. After logging into Swapcard you will be asked to fill-in details about yourself and your interests, so that we can deliver to you the most valuable experience during the entire event.
  4. Thanks to Swapcard, you can enjoy networking, tailor made matchmaking, booking of available discussion tables, creating your own personalised program for the event or scanning digital business card of those who you meet.