Startup World Cup 2018

Regional Finals in Prague

TOP 10

An expert jury evaluated all 335 registered startups from 29 countries. They selected 9 projects with the absolute best rating, that will compete live at the Startup World Cup & Summit for overall victory and trip to the San Francisco Grand Finale where they'll have the opportunity to win an investment of $1,000,000! The last spot in the final TOP 10 is reserved for a startup which has chance to receive a wild card from the Trial Pitch Zone, where the remaining 41 projects from the TOP 50 will compete.

TOP 50

TOP 50 also includes startups from TOP 10 above. The remaining 41 startups from TOP 50 (below) will compete head-to-head in the Trial Pitch Zone for the wild card & final place in the TOP 10 at the Startup World Cup & Summit. All startups from TOP 50 will also compete for 3 Fundlift Awards.


BioTech Award by Delta Ventures

Startups focused on health care, biology, microbiology or development of medical-related software are competing for the BioTech Award by Delta Ventures. The winner will be selected from the TOP 8 below by an expert jury directly at SWCS.

Student Startup Battle TOP4