When and where will SWCSummit take place?

Due to COVID-19 pandemic situation we are postponing the date of Startup World Cup & Summit 2020 on October 13th - 14th 2020. We want you to stay safe & sound.

  • Day 1 - V4 finale - 13th October 2020 - partners & investors only event (@Microsoft Prague - Vyskocilova 1561/4a, 140 00 Praha 4 - map).
  • Day 2 - European finale - 14th October 2020 - main event incl. Startup World Cup European finale (@Pragovka Prague - Kolbenova 923, 190 00 Praha 9 - map).

Will SWCSummit change?

We are working hard to further improve the World Cup & Summit program. Afterall, this extra time offers us extra opportunities :) We are currently checking the availability of previously confirmed speakers, and by the end of April 2020 we will publish an enriched and updated list of speakers and mentors.

When is the new contest application deadline?

The new deadline is set on September 17, 2020. Do not let everything for the last minute, as the application form can take some time to complete.

What safety precautions are you planning on COVID-19?

Our priority is a pleasant and safe event. We will provide enough disinfectants on site and make additional safety equipment available if the situation requires. We are also prepared to even further our safety efforts, depending on the situation.

However, we believe that together, we will make it through until October 2020 and enjoy SWCSummit as we should.

Will the current tickets be valid for a new date?

Yes, no need to do anything. If you have any questions about how to enter, please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@swcsummit.com.

I have another question

Let us know at hello@swcsummit.com and we’ll be happy to assist you.


How do I purchase tickets to the event?

From our Tickets page www.swcsummit.com/tickets, you’ll be able to select from a variety of ticket options. During the checkout process, you'll be asked to provide details for networking purposes. You can purchase your tickets with a valid credit/debit card, have us send you an invoice to be paid, or via bank transfer. If you need any help, please get in touch with our team at hello@swcsummit.com.

How will I receive my ticket(s)?

Every registered participant receives a ticket. If the payment is made via credit card, you get the ticket to your email address instantly. If the payment is made via invoice or bank transfer, you get the ticket once the money is transferred to our account.

What is the process when I can't attend the event?

If you can't make it to the Startup World Cup & Summit, and it is already less than one month before the event (March 28, 2020), you can find a colleague or a friend who will come instead of you. Please contact us at hello@swcsummit.com no less than 48 hours before the start of the event, and we'll re-issue the ticket in the other person's name.

Can I purchase a ticket on the spot?

Yes, it's possible to buy a ticket (using cash or credit card) at the venue on the day of the event.

Why haven't I received a confirmation notice?

If the amount was subtracted from your account, but you haven't received an email confirmation or invoice/tax document, please send us an email (including the account number you used for the purchase) to hello@swcsummit.com.

Can I upgrade my visitor ticket at a later date?

If you would like to upgrade your visitor ticket and come to the Startup World Cup & Summit as an investor or a VIP investor, or you wish to have a startup stand at the venue, please contact us at hello@swcsummit.com, and we'll take care of the upgrade if it's still possible.


How do I sign in to a networking application?

After purchasing tickets, download the Eventee app to your mobile (iOS and Android), activate it using the QR code on your ticket, and get all the networking benefits straight away. The Startup World Cup & Summit section will be activated in Eventee in early October.

Can I leave the event and re-enter later?

Yes, of course! The event is entirely open, and it's up to you when you want to enter or leave the venue. However, we recommend you try to make your plans around the event schedule, so you don't miss any presentations or events. Please note that upon returning to the event, you'll be asked to show your ticket (issued in your name) to the host/hostess at the entrance.

Can I reserve seats for an event?

There are no seat reservations, simply choose a seat upon arriving. We anticipate having enough seats for everything that's on the program of the day, with ample room and opportunity to network.

Do I need to reserve a startup stand?

Yes, all startup stands must be reserved by September 25, 2020, 11.59 PM. Please note that space is limited, and the stands are issued on a first-come, first-serve basis. Startups stands are only available for startups, not regular companies.

What is the language of the Startup World Cup & Summit?

All keynote presentations, workshops, mentoring sessions, panel discussions, and other parts of the program will be in English.

Can I take photos or video recordings of the event?

While it's not officially permitted to take photos or video recordings of the program on the main stage, you're allowed to do so in other parts of the event. If you're a member of the press and would like permission to photograph or record the events of the main stage, please contact us at hello@swcsummit.com.

Who can participate in an afterparty?

 Everyone who bought SWCSummit tickets, our partners, sponsors, media partners and selected journalists.

Who wants to attend an investor's dinner?

This event is non-public and due to its focus and capacity possibilities, only select investors and partners can attend. Startups will have the opportunity to meet the investors as they network at the event on the 13-14 October. It is ideal for startups to contact the investors using the mobile application Eventee. More information at https://eventee.co.


Where can I sign up for the competitions?


What do I need for the registration and how long does it take?

It takes about an hour to complete the questionnaire. There is no special information available, but we ask that you have some information about your startups and we will want to see your pitch deck - a presentation for your customers or investors.

How does a startup make it to the Startup World Cup Grand Finale?

The Startup World Cup will have 40+ regional events across North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. The SWCSummit is the European Continental Finale. Each regional winner will get a place in the Grand Finale that takes place in Silicon Valley in May 2020.

What will the SWC regional winner receive?

The best startup of V4 Regional Finale will receive a free ticket to the Grand Finale in Silicon Valley and become a contestant in the European Semifinale.

What will the European Champion receive?

The winner of the European finale will receive an offer of an immediate investment of $500,000 from Air Ventures and UP21 funds. The best of all European regional round winners will also participate in the global finale of the Startup World Cup in Silicon Valley, USA.

What's at stake in the Global Grand Finale?

The winner of the Grand Finale will receive a $1,000,000 investment prize. It will either be in exchange for a portion of equity, related to the most recent round of funding, or a convertible note, depending on the size of the company and how much funding they have raised. They'll also receive global exposure through media recognition from the journalists covering the event. Selected sponsors will also be providing additional prizes (last year, for example, Orrick granted $30,000 worth of legal services, and Salesforce had a software package prepared for the finalists).

How long are the startup pitches at the SWCSummit?

Each startup will be allocated 4 minutes to pitch, followed by 4 minutes of Q&A from the judging panel.

Will submitting the optional video increase my chance of being selected?

The optional video is to help the application review committee get a better understanding of the company. If your company is too challenging to explain in a few slides, then the video may help, but will not necessarily increase the chances of being selected.

What type of startups can apply?

We encourage startups in any domain, at any stage, to apply. Please note that the startup must be a legal entity, not just an idea.

We have already raised some capital, are there any restrictions for applying?

There are no restrictions on the amount of capital raised. We encourage everyone to apply.

Who will be evaluating my application?

An application review committee which will consist of investors and industry leaders.

Do I have to pay to sign up for the competition?

The contest registration is free of charge. More info at https://www.swcsummit.com/registration. However, you can decide to purchase an optional startup stand.

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