jose kadlec


Co-Founder | GoodCall, Recruitment Academy & Datacruit


Meet Jose

José is a former software engineer, ethical hacker and co-founder of 415th fastest growing company in Europe by Financial Times. As the first LinkedIn certified professional in CEE, he has been disrupting the digital recruitment and talent sourcing industry since 2007.

He co-founded the international recruitment powerhouse, GoodCall, currently having 140+ employees, €5,4 mil. in annual revenues and specializing in social recruitment for 5-person start-ups as well as 10,000 person Fortune 500s. He's also a co-founder of the HRtech startup Datacruit, a part of FAST50 - the fastest growing tech startups by Deloitte. Next to that, he's the CEO of the eduployment project Recruitment Academy.

José is the best-selling author of the book People as Merchandise recommended by Barbara Corcoran from ABC’s Shark Tank, the rogue recruiter and best-selling author David E. Perry, Ondrej Bartos (Credo Ventures), John Vanhara, Vladimir Kovar (Unicorn) and HR directors of companies such as IBM, Google, Barclays, Hewlett-Packard, T-Mobile and AVG.

He likes beer, kickboxing and exploring blockchain.