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Building a scalable product since day 0

Every Unicorn at first was always out of all resources. It would help if you had a methodology on how to make wise product-technology related decisions to enable scalability, rapid experiments and to survive pivots. Link here: https://swcs.whereby.com/agur-jogi-mentor

Agur Jõgi

Deloitte | Director, NEXT Tech Innovation Hub Leader

Cash flow issues and how to deal with them

Cash flow is a vital part of a startup's day-to-day agenda, so why do founders face the same issues over and over? Link here: https://swcs.whereby.com/tomas-kindl-mentor

Tomas Kindl

Air Ventures | Associate

Collaboration between corporations and startups is clearly a trend

Corporations must engage startups to stay competitive, agile and innovative. Let´s talk about perspective how corporation could cooperate with startups and how we can help establish companies. Link here: https://swcs.whereby.com/david-zabrz-mentor

David Zábrž

Ceska asociace startupu | Founder

Get the investor interested and financial management matters

This Mentorship Table would like to offer the experience on how to catch the investor´s eye, successfully raise funds and negotiate the right terms. In addition, I would like to offer the guidance on start-up´s proper financial management and the importance of it from the investor’s perspective. Link here: https://swcs.whereby.com/martin-kesner-mentor

David Polách

J&T Ventures | Investment Manager

How (not) to raise VC money?

How to find the right VC? What to include in the deck? How does the VC investment process look like? Is it the right type of financing for my company? And many other questions can be answered during this mentorship session. Looking forward to welcoming everyone. Link here: https://swcs.whereby.com/jasmina-henninova-mentor

Jasmina Henninova

3TS | Moderator

How can startup succeed in working with a corporation

In order to scale fast partnering with global corporations can be very helpful if you know how. Let’s talk about roles in corporations and how to make them interested in working with your company. Link here: https://swcs.whereby.com/filip-rehorik-mentor

Filip Rehorik

Microsoft | OCP Startup Lead for Central and Eastern Europe & Partner Technical Strategist

How to boost your sales and reach out to customers during pandemic?

Pandemic times revealed many opportunities which lie underneath. Lets discuss how you lead your startup in these days, is your solution, even problem you defined still valid or your business model overall? How to reach out to your customers and increase your sales in these days? Let’s do a quick check! Link here: https://hubs.mozilla.com/8Yhy4qk/swcsummit-afterparty-room-1

Patrik Juránek

Startup Disrupt | CEO

How to build a resource more valuable than money or signed contracts? (Networking)

Corporate managers as well as entrepreneurs face the same hurdle of not knowing how to systematically build and keep the most valuable resource - network and its credibility. With the right one, they do not need to worry about anything else. Finances are spent, contracts expire, but relationships are forever. Like diamonds! And who does not want some of those for free? Link here: https://swcs.whereby.com/tomas-huelle-mentor

Tomáš Hulle

X-Flow | Founder

How to make from 10m EUR company a 1b EUR company

"After six years at consulting companies, started own startup factory and joined Bolt in 2015 as one of the first 20 team members and then experienced the huge ride from 10m EUR startup to unicorn valuation and above and did everything from street sales to negotiating the new ride-hailing regulation across several markets in Europe. We can discuss how to build a superb team, how to scale from 100 to 1000 employees in 1-2 years, how to expand to other countries or continents with limited funding, how to challenge better funding competitors, how to change the regulation in your sector etc. " Link here: https://swcs.whereby.com/roman-sysel-mentor

Roman Sysel

BOLT (Taxify) | CEE Manager

How to Unlock Your Brand Value: An Intellectual Property Perspective

James M Heller is a partner of Wood & Lee, LLP and lecturer and researcher at the State University of New York (Empire State College). His law practice focuses on intellectual property, technology and IT, media, intellectual property finance, and telecommunications law with extensive experience in innovation industries. James studied at 11th-ranked-globally University of Sydney Law School, where he won the Allens Arthur Robinson award. Link here: https://swcs.whereby.com/james-heller-mentor

James Heller

Wood & Lee | Partner

Join us for this interactive workshop on maximizing relationships between startups and enterprises

"Together with Lars Vestergaard, head of Market Connect for Oracle for Startups in EMEA, you will develop 20-second pitches that will get your startup in the door at larger companies, along with proven techniques to partner with and sell to enterprise clients. Startups will be invited to navigate through 3 modules to explore business-building strategies: 1) Situation exploration 2) Best practice sharing 3) Go-do recommendations. Level up your channel partnerships and learn how to demonstrate solution readiness to enterprise customers!" Link here: https://swcs.whereby.com/lars-vestegaard-mentor

Lars Vestergaard

Oracle | Head of Startup Market Connect - EMEA

Keys to scale

How to scale up your business to a global level? Matthewis EMEA business development leader in a global program to help startups and growing businesses to access high performance, low cost cloud services and a range of advantages, who else could lead such conversation? Link here: https://swcs.whereby.com/matthew-price-mentor

Matthew Price


Let’s Review the Viability of Your Early-Stage Start-Up

As an ex-CFO and a Founder with three successful exits, let’s chat about your start-up and how I can help. Link here: https://swcs.whereby.com/douglas-wong-mentor

Douglas Wong

Blackfire | Investor

On the Unicorn Trail: How to be spotted by the investor? On the unicorn trail

Figure out the key decision making metrics used by investors when spotting a right startup to invest in. How does an investor search for a unicorn? Link here: https://swcs.whereby.com/oleksander-bondarev-mentor

Oleksander Bondarev

Credo Ventures | Investor

Traps of the termsheet and how to avoid them

How to shake hands with VC investor and be happy about it? Getting to the fair termsheet – where are the traps and how to avoid them? Link here: https://swcs.whereby.com/jaroslav-mencik-mentor

Jaroslav Mencik


Validation and business developement

Jan focuses on the validation of an idea, business development and vision and strategy. He has extensive experience in building startups and small companies and in the environment of international management. A special area of his interest is personal potential, its discovery and development. Link here: https://swcs.whereby.com/jan-adam-placek-mentor

Jan Adam Placek

Technická Univerzita Ostrava | Manager for Support of Entrepreneurship

What the hell should I do know? Priorities in early stage startups

I feel you, you have got the idea of your genius startup. Congrats! You have started working on your product and you are thinking about customers and investments. Brilliant! But what’s next? It’s getting more complicated and you have so many tasks in front of you. Which ones are important? What will get you closer to your dream success? What to do now and what can wait? Let’s have a talk. We can figure this out together. Link here: https://swcs.whereby.com/pavel-bartos-mentor

Pavel Bartoš

HappyEnd | Co-Founder

Why should we invest in you? Tips and tricks for early stage startups

Based on concrete stories of startups in our portfolio we will highlight key factors which are deal makers for investors. Link here: https://swcs.whereby.com/jan-krahulik-mentor

Jan Krahulík

Grouport | Partner