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How to validate your startup idea? / validating a startup idea

Instead of putting tons of money in activities that may not help you build your solution, think about a process that can help you check whether it's worth doing all this work. Will your idea find a niche? Will you get a Product Market Fit? Will investors be happy to support me? Let's discuss clever ways of how to do a good research and test on a market.

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Karolina Wilk-Tryjanowska


COO and Head of Acceleration at ReaktorX. Entrepreneur and startup enthusiast. A business owner of a language brand - Nieobce. Previously involved in pre-acceleration programs and VCs (Innovation Nest, AdVentures).

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BD and Networking

There is nothing more important than establishing your network of credible, loyal and open friends and business partners. Tomáš has been running community of hundreds of corporations and companies located in all European countries and the UAE and supporting one cause - education. Where to begin and how to do it in a smart way? Join his mentoring table.

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Tomáš Hulle


Tomáš is the founder of the European Centre for Career Education and His mission is to make education as impactful and relevant as possible by engaging top leading companies and institutions in it. Tomas acted additionally also as the CEO of First Eastern Co. (investment boutique company), as a counsel at Co-Effort law firm, founder of Prague Summer School on International Business Transactions and worked for other top tier international law firms and was also in charge of business legal analysis at Economic Daily (Hospodářské noviny) and The Economist (Ekonom) in the Czech Republic. He has been a lecturer at Institute of Economic Studies, Charles University. 

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How to quickly build a team from around the globe: experience and practice.

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Anna Degtereva

Happy Farm Business Accelerator

A serial entrepreneur dedicated to technological innovation around the world. Her hunt for big ideas spans the globe as she connects with visionary thinkers, startups, mentors, investors, and other crazy individuals on the quest to bring positive change through technology. Anna is a powerful female speaker, an inspiring mentor, and an international juror of startup battles.

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Let's talk about open innovation challenges in the form of a business hackathon. A design sprint event with the goal of creating solutions for your real business issues and situations. Teams compete to address specific business needs. The aim is to find innovative ways thanks to the combination of your internal and external resources.

Meet your mentors

 Monika Kovacovska & Bara Pelcova


Monika is a Head of The Global Exec., which focuses on crafting corporate innovation events from business hackathons and excursions to inspirational meet ups. She is an open innovation enthusiast and is passionate about bringing together companies, start-ups, universities, and other institutions to share their best practices, knowledge, and experiences. Monika also organizes interactive business events that help some of the world’s brightest minds to network and share ideas with one another. Monika’s expertise derives from 5+ years of experience in project management and program design for both corporate and academic clients in the EMEA and Americas regions. Among the successful projects that Monika has recently managed include online global hackathons for NEOM, the megacity of the future. These hackathons invite school students and mentors from across the globe to help develop solutions to challenges in the fields of health tech, big data, and energy to name just a few.

Bara is a member of The Global Exec. team, the corporate-focused branch of International Study Programs. She has spent close to 20 years working in global event and project management and has extensive experience doing so in Europe and the Americas. Bara helps professionals to learn from one another through best practice sharing and knowledge exchange as well as fostering innovative thinking and intrapreneurship. She does this through organizing and managing interactive business events including hackathons, meetups, learning journeys, workshops, brainstorming sessions, round tables, and panel discussions. Bara graduated from the Silesian University and spent a semester studying in Belgium before working for a few years at a qualitative market research company. She is a champion of common sense, experiential learning, and likes a-ha moments.