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Trendwatching & how spotting trends can actually help your business tomorrow

You don't need to create trends, you just need to jump on them. You want to know what's going on in the world right now and follow it. Surf the wave of what customers want. It's cheaper and more guaranteed than mirror ball guessing. And that's why the Japanese term for zeitgeist, Kuuki wo yomu, translates as the ability to read the atmosphere in a room and then react to it. As Ana Andjelic writes: "Products, brands and ideas are more likely to succeed if customers are already in favour of them. There is no need to create cultural context, but to capitalise on it." But how do we understand what's happening in the world? Look beyond See Think Do Care. Trends are no accident. They are the result of a broader context. Changes in society. A reflection of political events and economic conditions. And to understand how they are created, reflects in your profits. As Jeff Bezos says, "Earnings this quarter were baked three years ago."

Pavlína Louženská

Holky z marketingu

Focused on transformation and innovation which is centered around the customer.  15+ years of experience in training and 10+ years in a managing role both in start-ups and corporations: led teams of 2 to 120 people. Lead Mentor for Google for Startups Accelerator since 2017 and in many other startup accelerators. Mentored business, product, management and growth in European and African countries to over 300 companies in 2020. Google Certified Trainer for Design Thinking since 2020 and also Trainer for the Trainers in CEE. Passionate about female empowerment in a business environment: Founded #HolkyzMarketingu which has grown into 27 000+ women network.

Table 2

How to save time, money, and sanity on API integrations

In this tech-oriented workshop we will discuss the risks and opportunities for working with 3rd party API integrations. Most software companies need integrations to be relevant and competitive. At the same time, integrations represent a large cost to build and maintain. We will discuss how to deal with these challenges, architecture patterns, and tooling to alleviate the pain of API integrations. Attendees will also have an opportunity to join the Superface pilot programme to outsource their integration costs.

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Jan Vlnas


 With 10+ experience of full-stack web development and lecturing for academia and non-profits, Jan is a developer advocate at Superface with a mission to make developers' lives easier.

Table 3

How to innovate business with Universities

Come and find out how can you benefit from innovation with Universities - you will find out how to find new ideas, how to protect them, how to aquiere university knowledge and innovations. You will find out how to utilize University experts. How to establish a long fruitfull colaboration with academia and us it as your unfair advatage.

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Vojtech Nosek

Dr. Vojtěch Nosek has Master’s and doctoral degree in Human geography and regional development. His focus during his studies and subsequent research has been mainly in innovation systems. In the last ten years, he has been focusing on technology transfer (he used to be a technology transfer manager at the Czech Technical University). He has co-founded and managed University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings (focusing on applied research). He has co-founded, and is acting as CEO, in the UNICO.AI company. UNICO.AI is focusing on technology transfer and innovation technology incubation. In UNICO.AI, Vojtěch Nosek was leading two projects delivered in Poland with the World Bank group focusing on technology transfer setup on a regional level (see references). 


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Angelo Burgarello

Prague Morning

Angelo is the co-founder of an online media outlet for foreigners living in Czech Republic, co-owner of a Marketing Agency and Managing Partner at AI Startup Incubator (Prague). In his career, Angelo has been involved in various managerial positions covering Business Development, Project Management and implementation planning for IT solutions. Angelo’s key competencies are shaped around helping founders setting up their companies and raising capital to enable growth, when necessary. Angelo’s motto is: "Helping others is always good business! Businesses are made by people and working together enabling synergies between organizations is the only way we can deliver a brighter future for ourselves and those who come after us."

Table 5

Corporation as a client and as an alliance partner

How to leverage corporations for growth, to whom to talk, clash of cultures, complexity of the relationships, becoming part of and building an ecosystem.

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Pavel Šiška


Pavel’s experience with startups was gained early and firsthand. After graduating from university, he started his own small consulting firm to assist foreign companies entering the Czech market. In the 1990s, he matched local companies with relevant and eager foreign investors. Business–IT alignment is Pavel’s greatest strength. During his tenure in the banking industry in the late 90’s, he developed his financial services skills. Later he solidified his experience in technology at IBM where he spent 12 years. Another domain Pavel has been focusing on is cultivating an innovative corporate culture at the companies where he has been involved. Currently Pavel leads the Deloitte Consulting and Technology advisory business. He also serves on the advisory boards of several technology startups, where he identifies and builds alliances with various technology vendors (both startup and big tech).

Table 6

Startup financial management

Transparent finance is one of the pillars of successful startup management and good investor relations. Do you know how long your runway is with the resources you have? What are your MRR targets for at the end of the quarter? Do you model alternative uses of resources and their monetization? If you are interested in these questions, come to the discussion table, we will look at the specific questions you are solving.

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Tomas Hnilicka

Impulse Ventures

Tomas is an Investment Director at Impulse Ventures, a venture capital investor focused on tech startups in the CE region. He focuses on the whole financial process from business plan evaluation to investment rounds. The experience of Tomas relies on his hands-on work as a co-founder of Liftago where he pitched to investors and lead several rounds of funding leading to successful exit. Tomas also worked as a CFO of Geewa in the area of mobile gaming and CFO of Safetica in the area of data loss prevention.

Table 7

Ten principles for launching a start-up and negotiating with investors.

Would you like to launch a start-up and ideally raise funds from external investors? Have you already dealt with legal issues such as which legal form to choose? Have you sufficiently addressed the relationships between the co-founders or properly protected your start-up project’s intellectual property? We will be happy to discuss the answers to these questions and other important legal aspects of the life of a start-up project with you in light of obtaining investment, as well as tips on how to avoid the most common mistakes, through practical examples at our mentor table called "Ten principles for launching a start-up negotiating with investors ".

Meet your mentors

Pavel Zahradnicek

Havel & Partners

Pavel is a senior associate and a member of Commercial IP/IT team at HAVEL & PARTNERS specializing in information technology and IP law, data protection, M&A transactions, Venture Capital and start-up advisory, contractual relationships and e-commerce.

In his practice, Pavel focuses mainly on technological transactions in IP/IT, software licensing and servicing, including IT solutions supply and implementation. He also engages in corporate law and business transactions in acquisitions and divestitures of companies active mainly in the IT sector. As a part of his transactional experience, Pavel also advises start-up founders as well as VC investors with structuring the transactions in various investment stages.

Pavel participates in advising clients active in variety of sectors, including providers of internet platforms and online solutions, healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, fin-tech, insurance, automotive industry and companies processing large volumes of data (including big data).

Ivo Skolil

Havel & Partners

Ivo is a senior associate and member of the Merger & Acquisition team at HAVEL & PARTNERS, focusing on acquisitions and divestitures of companies, private equity, venture capital, energy law, corporate law with a focus on contract law, legal audits and legal due diligence.

In the recent years, he participated in several M&A transactions, acting for both sellers and purchasers, in particular in automotive and machine-building industry, energy and agriculture. In the field of energy he specialises in renewable sources and acquisitions and divestitures of renewable power generation sources. In the recent years, he primarily focused on providing dedicated comprehensive advice to investors entering start-up projects involving venture capital and investment instruments, and also advises start-ups on structuring the internal legal relations and arrangements between the founders and investors and structuring the employee stock option plans (ESOP) and other instruments relevant to venture capital.

Creating a great global creative idea or campaign can only support growth if the brand message can travel the world with the same power and relevance in every single market, in order to make fans out of your customers. In order to get the message through efficiently and in a most engaging way, local relevance is the ultimate KPI to achieve. This requires addressing different cultures and sensitivities, as well as key elements that shape customers’ mindsets, such as fashion, trends, religion or local specifics to name but a few. This is where optimal language management and transcreation can make a real and tangible difference.

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Richard Ihuel


Richard Ihuel, a professional marketer with over 20 years of international experience, will share insights about how to make your brand’s voice best resonate and connect with customers across the globe.

Table 9

​StartUps and Corporate cooperation

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Jiri Skopovy

Seed Starter Ceske Sporitelny

I am an experienced senior manager with an economics and sales background in an international environment. Dynamic, driven and innovative and I like finding creative ways to solve problems. I led many successful projects, most of them transformational (for example shifting product oriented sales approach in Konica Minolta in Europe and ASEAN to solution/challenger selling approach which made us number one in many markets). I like product/solution development (some solutions awarded by Computerworld). I grew start ups (fastest growth in CEE awarded by Deloitte for DataSpring), I led various international sales projects (active member of Global Major Account in Konica Minolta), I like looking for efficiencies (company consolidation for growth and agile approach implementation in Bisnode for our SW development). I am passionate about technology and always strive to enrich my knowledge. I am a confident communicator and culturally aware. As an effective manager, I enjoy developing organizations, internal processes, strategies and new product and service portfolios. I have an experience with mergers and acquisition.

Table 10

​ Synergies of OpenBanking approach and Startups

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Stepan Kouba

Seed Starter Ceske Sporitelny

I move finance towards digital age: Platform scale, Beyond banking, API, chatbots, Payments.

With great understanding of both banking business and latest technologies, I provide ideas and realise new activities, projects and products for financial companies.