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Ask Me Anything

Philipp will conduct an “Ask Me Anything” session for founders and entrepreneurs. Participants are encouraged to share their questions and challenges regarding their respective businesses.

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Philipp Roden

Philipp Roden is the Director of - a publicly funded business incubator in the Czech Republic. He has been working in management consulting since 2005. Among other, He spent 7 years with a global organizational consulting firm where he helped build up the Prague office as well as the EMEA Headquarter in Zurich, Switzerland. In 2014 he joined a leading Czech technology group to lead multiple change and development projects. In 2017 he became the first employee of A native Czech who grew up in Germany, Philipp has worked with individuals and organisations across the globe. He has advised clients from all types of industries as well as development stages - start-ups, SME, multinational corporations and government institutions.

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Filip Rehorik


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Building, growing and selling tech startup

Starting from the researcher experience at European projects, going through the spin-off & startup with 3 employees and ending with a 140 person B2B tech company having customers in 45 countries acquired by US tech vendor. What were the key milestones? fuckkups? lessons learned? Join us for the Q&A mentor session with the co-founder and CEO of Flowmon Networks.

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Jiri Tobola


Jiri started his mission at Flowmon Networks as a technical director. After successful Flowmon product launch he had taken the responsibility for business development and established customers and channel partners in Europe and Japan. Next 3 years he served as CEO and navigated the company through the acquisition by Kemp Technologies. Prior to his commercial career, he was researcher, developer and project leader at Czech national research and education network – CESNET. 

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​ ​​Technology vs. minimum viable product

​ ​​​Understanding the difference between a new (disruptive) technology and a marketable product – common confusion and cause of fresh startups failure.

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Stepan Husek


Štěpán is a technology enthusiast excelling in combining the latest technologies with the needs of aspiring businesses from financial services to e-commerce and the automotive sector. His deep technical knowledge coupled with his understanding of client business needs and the latest trends make him an advisor trusted by many executives seeking guidance with navigating their digital transformation journeys. In his current position, he is responsible for innovation, vision and strategy, product development, sales, and building competencies and managing the Financial Services Technology services practice. Štěpán has hands-on-experience with managing complex delivery teams. In addition, he leads the Open Banking technical community and helps develop technology practices across Deloitte Central Europe. His responsibilities include strategic technology partnerships and identification of technology startups matching the needs of corporations keen to innovate their services or business models. The beginning of Štěpán’s career is closely connected with two technology startups – Systinet and the e-commerce technology provider Schemantix. At Systinet he was responsible for delivery, product development and innovations, and as software engineer at Schemantix, he designed innovative products. Before joining Deloitte, Štěpán worked for IBM as a Client Enterprise Architect and led the CEE Banking Technical Community. Štěpán also has experience running his own family business.

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Project management is like a box of chocolate you never know what you're gonna get.

Project management is something that is present in pretty much every company. You might not even realize it, but you most likely deal with some sort of project every day in your job. If you deal with them effectively and efficiently, that is another question though. First, it is a matter of mindset, then techniques and tools. So let’s taste this instrument that can do magic with your projects. We will cover the do’s & don'ts in project management, the benefits you can reap when you follow the guidelines right and the risks you are exposing yourself and your team too if neglecting them. You will learn about modern techniques of project management like scrum or kanban. Obviously, you are welcome to ask any questions you may have on the topic and consult your current projects and challenges you are facing. We are happy to help you shift your project back on the right path. This mentor table is here to benefit all kinds of people from all sorts of companies, be it project managers, developers, testers, team leaders, whether they are coming from corporates, big & medium companies, NGO’s, GO or startups. With this session in your pocket, you are still far away from being a terrific project manager, but you are definitely on the right path.

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Tomas Mikes


An experienced IT specialist who has gone through positions from programmer, database specialist, business consultant, project manager, enterprise architect to senior management positions in CSOB, Trask or KB. Now shines as a CTO in IT startup Siesta Labs working with big corporate clients.

Table 6

Quantum information: from concepts to technology through game

While it can take comparatively the same amount of time for classical and quantum computers to solve simple problems, complex problems could take billions of years to solve on classical computers and only a few minutes on quantum computers. Machine learning, computation and/or encryption in space, biology, finance, energy etc. are some of the numerours applications that will benefit from progress in this domain.

Meet your mentor

Desire Nzengou


Désiré Nzengou is an engineer, trainer and innovation technology practitioner with several years of experience in the industry and digital sector working for private public organizations, government and startups. Currently working as a market development consultant at the European GNSS Agency (GSA / EUSPA - European Space Program Agency), he has delivered at major international organizations which include, among others, Google, Caterpillar and International SOS. Training programme development and deployment, data analytics, coaching mentoring, programme management are among his recurring missions. Over the years he gained both an insider view of the startups ecosystem in EU and East Africa, getting deep insights in some of the most disruptive digital products or services leveraging on emerging technologies, and valuable skills (particularly in AI and machine learning, Blockchain, user-centered design, lean and agile methodologies). His broad interests and curiosity led him to dive into quantum information and computing, looking for ways to be ahead of time when it comes to preparedness to technological disruption and radical changes. Désiré holds a Master of industrial sciences with a major in nuclear and engineering physics, a bachelor degree in technology engineering, and has followed classes in Business Intelligence and complex adaptive system theory to update and complement his competences

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NFTs, Cryptocurrencies, ICOs & Quantum Computing: an IP Lawyer’s Perspective

Meet your mentor

James Heller

Wood & Lee (Partner), State University of New York, ESC (Lecturer), Charles University, WIPO program (Coordinator)

Lawyer with experience in intellectual property protection, information technology and contract negotiations. Researcher and author of several articles on protecting intellectual property online and regarding telecommunications and information technology regulations. I am also a law lecturer with passion for active-learning pedagogies.

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Building Your Impact Start-Up

Let’s discuss some of the ins and outs of building your impact start-up, from market fit to sales & marketing challenges, and throw in some fundraising tips as well.

Meet your mentor

Douglas Wong


Doug is a serial entrepreneur and ex- CFO of Apple CEE. He is also Founder of ADC Blackfire Entertainment, a toy company, and Blackfire Education, an international school supplier, which he recently exited. Now he’s a mentor and angel investor, focused mostly on early stage impact start-ups, and also the Sales Director for Augmented Robotics, an augmented reality company focused on the toy industry.

Table 9

ESA BIC Czech Republic – Space Business Experiences

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Michal Barabas


Table 10

Building the Sales Machine

Startups live or die by the strength of their sales team. Building a consistent, reliable sales machine is the best way to scale. Come and learn from Salesforce - the 22 year old startup that changed the software industry.

Meet your mentor

Michal Mravinac


Michal has joined in 2017 to help them dramatically expand business footprint in Central and Eastern Europe. In his role, Michal focuses relentlessly on operational excellence, capability building and improving the digital maturity in the market. As a result, the ESMB segment in Central and Eastern Europe has been one of the fastest growing regions in the world for Salesforce. Prior to joining Salesforce, Michal held a variety of roles in Sales, Business Development and Foreign Direct Investment. These included leading the sales team of a cutting-edge VR technology start-up Infinitus Global Ltd. in North America and running the UK & Ireland office of CzechInvest, Czech Republic’s investment agency. Michal holds a postgraduate degree from University of Limerick, Ireland, and two undergraduate degrees from Charles University of Prague, Czech Republic.