Round 3

Table 1

Fundraising – How to choose the right investor to get to foreign B-round and to reach the sky!

At this table, I am happy to advise you on how to choose your investor. Many start-ups are looking for external funding to achieve their dreams and nowadays, it is rather easy given the excess of the available funding. However, start-ups should be cautious when negotiating the terms of the investment, especially in the very early stages and when choosing the investor. The rookie mistakes in the investment structuring at the beginning or the wrong strategy can disqualify the start-up from raising money in the next round from foreign VC. We always say, chose your investor wisely because you take your investor from that day forward, for better, for worse, until the exit do you part.

Meet your mentor

David Polach

J&T Ventures

David lived, worked and studied in four different countries. He gained his experience mainly within the consulting group Ernst & Young in Switzerland and currently, he helps innovative start-ups from CEE and SEE region to reach their full potential as an Investment Manager in J&T Ventures! He loves conquering mountains because it is the same as building a start-up, it has to go step by step, there are no shortcuts.

Table 2

TBD - Kooperativa

Table 3

Czech start-up ecosystem and public support for startups

The Czech start-up ecosystem is growing and improves from year to year. Although we are miles away from being the best and other ecosystems are catching up faster than we think, we are striving to do things better. What are our strengths and what the challenges? Can the government contribute to the development of the start-up ecosystem? What support programs are used for this and what does the future hold for us?

Meet your mentor

Petr Kopecek


Petr is enthusiastic for new technologies and ecological solutions. He works in Start-up Department as a Senior Project Manager in CzechInvest, where he leads the project team and takes care mainly after the implementation of both foreign and domestic start-up programs. He has been cooperating with the business incubator Point One ČZU on his alma mater for more than 5 years, where he mainly supports local start-up communities. He is also active in his own healthcare project. He never misses any update from the Czech start-up ecosystem and has always ready a good tip for some interesting or technical news.

Table 4

TBD - Salesforce

Table 5

Design thinking - move your idea forward

For those to who it happens that they get an amazing idea but then don’t really know what to do about it. Is the idea good? Is it bad? What is important? What should I do next? Come on the design thinking WS and find out how to move your idea forward. We’ll do it on a space example!

Meet your mentor

Martin Rusnak


Experienced Management Consultant, passionate about Space and Improvement!

Table 6

From local to global: How to get your startup ready for international expansion

It is never too early to do things right. At our table, we will walk you through basic considerations that will help you to set legal matters on the right track from the very start and make your startup expansion abroad smooth and safe. We will focus on:

  1. What to consider when creating and promoting your global brand
  2. How to make sure your product is really yours
  3. General approach to your legal documents and what your lawyer should know
  4. Structuring of your business entities and corporate governance
  5. Negotiations with foreign investors and business partners

Meet your mentors

Lukáš Holub

Deloitte Legal

Lukáš is a Czech and Florida (US) licensed attorney and an Intellectual Property and Technology enthusiast. His domain is brand protection, IP rights settlements, cross-border licensing, business transactions, and digital projects consultancy. He enjoys guiding start-ups through the legal challenges of international expansion, negotiating with business partners on their behalf, and providing them with a hands-on advice. He is passionate about the legal implications in new tech and art. You might see him discussing these topics at seminars or even at a music festival.

David Šimek

Deloitte Legal

David spearheads the M&A/Corporate legal services in the Technology, Media and Telco (TMT) Sector at Deloitte Legal. He has broad experience with supporting Czech start-up founders in negotiations with international financial and strategic investors. He understands the needs of both the founders and investors and is capable of navigating the parties through the pitfalls of cross-border investment documentation. He has helped many successful start-ups in setting up of their global legal affairs ranging from corporate governance and compliance matters to contracts with customers and business

Table 7

Investment readiness of start-ups for business angels and equity crowd-investing.

After the foundation and the first steps of a young company, approaching suitable investors poses a great challenge to the founders. What documents need to be prepared? Which investor brings not only money but also added value for our development? What period do we have to plan for the final settlement? Using practical examples from the daily business of Danube Angels, participants can take away valuable methods and approaches.

Meet your mentor

Paul G. Putz

Danube Angels

Executive MBA of California State University, Hayward, 30+ years of experience in corporate finance in Central Europe and Russia. Founder and Managing Partner of Paul Putz & Partner Management Consultants GmbH, Director Business Development at NEWEX AG – CEE Stock Exchange, Member of the Board and partner of several investment companies in Prague, Director Investment Banking at an Austrian bank in Prague, Several board and supervisory board memberships, Serial entrepreneur.

Table 8

Anatomy of term-sheet

This legal workshop will guide you through a term-sheet and procedure of negotiating financing terms with investor. If you feel lost at concepts like liquidation preference, tag-along, drag-along, pre and post-money valuation or anti-dilution provisions, join lawyer Tomas Ditrych at this mentoring table.

Meet your mentor

Tomáš Ditrych


Tomas is a university lecturer and Managing Partner at Mavericks - a boutique law firm based in Prague, focusing on emerging markets, new technology and M&A transactions. Tomas holds law degrees from universities in both the Czech Republic and the USA (San Francisco). As a leading expert in venture capital transactions in the Czech Republic, Tomas has advised on 100+ startup deals over the past few years. He is a passionate surfer and a dog lover.

Table 9

LinkedIn: Growth Hacking Insights for Startups.

Linkedin is the #1 social network for B2B marketing, hustling entrepreneurs & career development. With over 500 million professionals and 40 million decision makers there is no better place to do business online than Linkedin!

That's why we want to share with you the most efficient growth hacks about LinkedIn and inspire you to be more active. Join us and learn how to leverage LinkedIn for your startup and your personal brand! 

Meet your mentors

Knarik Avanesyan &

[Lira] is all about bringing effective solutions to life. What really inspires her are innovations that move society further and simplify our daily lives. Her main mission is to help meaningful tech startups to gain the market attention they deserve and engage with their community! She has 5+ years of experience working with EU tech startups in London, Prague and Moscow, focusing on content creation, lead generation and community building.  

Tereza Texlova & Leadspicker

As a Digital Marketer with a technical background, she specializes in helping SaaS, early-stage startups to build their marketing presence across all different channels. To streamline marketing efforts she creates strategies with inbound marketing automation for clients to help them nurture leads into customers and deliver an overall optimized buyer experience.

Table 10

The Future of Events

Our world has changed, so have the challenges with digital communication and event organizational needs. How did events operate before Covid and how does it look today? What are the new solutions in digital communication and events? Let's share new ideas and solutions to engage with your targeted audience, how to keep them happy, maintain employee satisfaction and expand your business.

Meet your mentor

Zdenek Hesoun


Zdenek is the CEO of Happenee, an Event Management Platform for Virtual, Hybrid and In-Person events. As an eternal optimist with a rich history in sales, he applies this perspective in every facet of Happenee. Before founding Happenee, Zdenek rose through the ranks at HP and then led the sales efforts at Dell EMC. In the process, he built a reputable corporate network in the Czech Republic and internationally. Currently, Zdenek and the Happenee team are resetting the standard in virtual, hybrid and offline events. Together, they create the future of the entire industry. Happenee enables companies to connect people through the world's most brilliant events by their three core values which are; Fun & Quirky, Stress-Free & Unique.