Tomáš Jurdák

#Keynote, #Speaker

MiddleCap | Partner and Head of Real Estate


Tomáš Jurdák is a Partner and Head of Real Estate at MiddleCap, responsible for overseeing the property investment and development company’s portfolio across Europe.


With a strong track record in the sector, he specialises in developing high quality commercial space that meets exacting technological and environmental standards. Tomáš also trained as an architect before moving into real estate, so he is a champion of design quality and collaborative ways of working to make concepts into realities.

MiddleCap Group, S.A., is an established investment and consulting company based in Luxembourg with offices in London, Bratislava, Prague, Dubai, Berlin and Monaco. In addition to providing a full range of advisory services in the areas of M&A, restructuring acquisitions and corporate finance, the group acts as a long-term investor focusing on real estate market, private equity investment, intergenerational ownership changes, start-ups and capital market investments.