Vit Subert


UP21 | CEO & Co-Founder


Vít Šubert is a co-founder of the startup incubator UP21, a manager with more than 20 years of corporate experience and a team leader in the cultural arts field.


He is one of the founding fathers of online services in the Czech Republic. At the turn of the millennium, he built and led, in typical startup fashion, the Internet division of what was then known as Czech Telecom incumbent under the Internet On Online (IOL) brand.

He spent 23 years of his career at multinational corporations, including serving as marketing and product director at Dell Computers in London, where he was responsible for Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Ireland, Portugal, Greece and Italy. He also led 1,400 employees at O2, where he was personally responsible for generating multi-million-€ turnovers is Business Division Director.

In 2015, he started to build, literally out of a garage, the startup incubator UP21, which was funded by Czech billionaire and mathematician Karel Janeček. To date, more than 15 projects in the Czech Republic as well as various other countries have gone through UP21. Vít aims to make UP21 one of the top 10 best startup incubators in Europe.

Vít draws inspiration for leading the incubator and negotiating with promising B2B project founders (UP21’s primary focus) from different types of startup approaches he experienced firsthand. He helmed a startup regime within O2’s corporate environment. In 2010, he founded his own startup selling tennis equipment online and building a network of tennis players and coaches. He sold the company three years later. Today, as the CEO of UP21, he decides which projects the company will finance and also mentors several startups on the Czech market that are not involved with UP21.