Below you can find more information about the way we process your personal data in relation to the Startup World Cup Contest (hereinafter called the 'contest') and our privacy policy.

Where can you find the contact information to our company?

Your so-called personal data administrator is the Up In The Air s. r. o. company, its IN is 06160328. You can pay a personal visit to us or to write a letter to the following address: Pařížská 68/9, Josefov, 110 00 Praha 1. You can also write us an e-mail to the following address: hello@swcsummit.com

You can also use the contacts stated above to exercise all your rights described below.

What types of your personal data do we process and why?

In case we lacked your personal data and the information about your plans we would not be able to ensure the main aim of our business which is helping you to place you in the contest and scale-up your project. Consequently we would not be able to inform you about the recent news in the startups world and the interesting events and innovations we have prepared for you. We typically process the following types of your personal data:

E-mail address:

We can send you information which may interest you as for instance the recent news in the start-ups world, invitations to events arranged by either our company or other companies providing we obtain your agreement to it. If need be we can also send you business information about interesting goods or services in case you agree to it.

You can revoke your approval to offer your personal data to our company using the link stated in any of our newsletters sent or you can write us an e-mail to the following address:  hello@swcsummit.com.

Cookie files:

In order to enable you to search our website easily and comfortably we also decided to process the cookie files. These are small size files which will be saved in your computer and then used by our website to remember important information from your visit (e. g. the language preference, the way of searching our website etc.) The cookie files either help you to use our website comfortably or enable us to innovate it and display offers intended directly for your field of business. The cookie files enable us to collect different types of information including the IP address; the ID of the device used for searching the website; the browser type; the type of information you search; your reaction to advertisements; your website activities etc. The information obtained by the cookie files differs depending on the type of the cookie file used. For more information see the following text:

Basic cookie files:

The basic cookie files are responsible for the proper function of this website. They enable the website navigation for instance. At the same time they make using this website easier. One of their functions is remembering your language preference all the time you are searching the website so that you will not have to choose the language again when clicking another page. They will be automatically deleted when leaving our website.

Analytical cookie files:

They enable us to understand better the way you use our website based on anonymous information (as for instance the number of times you clicked a certain link and which links you particularly clicked etc.). We can further use this information to discover which links of our website work well and which not and to improve their content and function consequently.

Marketing cookie files:

They enable us to discover the way you search our website and which goods and services will be most useful for you. We can use this information to display the goods and services which will match your needs best. These cookie files enable us to display advertisements for the goods which may be interesting for you on our website and on other users’ websites.

Social media cookie files:

Social media cookie files enable you to join the social networks and use them to share a specific interesting content of our website.

Your project data:

Your team members’ identification data

We need your basic identification data (the name and the surname) and your basic address data stated under the following point to be able to place you in the contest. In order to participate in the contest you need to give us your major team members’ basic personal data which will be used as the basic materials for the jury decisions and will enable us to publish information about the contest projects and teams participating in them.

General address data:

We need your general address data (the name of the state and the name of the city additionally) to present you properly and to place you in the contest categories.

Contact data:

We use your contact data (the telephone number and the e-mail address) to inform you about the contest recent news, to invite you to the events related to the contest, to be able to contact you with the contest questions and to inform you about the contest results if need be.

Additional data:

When being registered you are also inquired about your status. If you are a student we can enable you to participate in the student competition.

We preserve the information about your project simultaneously as for instance its aims, the problem solved etc. depending on the way you are going to present it to us.

If you send us your project video we are also going to preserve it for the contest purposes.

We need your major team members job position, education, goals achieved and experience data to be able to create the correct idea about the contestants and their project potential.

In case you do not provide us with your identification, general address and contact data as well as the basic information about your major team members we will not be able to place you in the contest.

We would like you to consider the fact that you are obligated to inform the other members of your team about our duty to process their personal data and your task is to obtain their agreement to provide us these data.

Which purposes do we further use your personal data for?

After you register in our contest we are going to preserve your e-mail address to which we will send you so-called business information. These e-mails are intended to inform you about the recent news related to our business and events which we believe might please you if need be. The option to cancel receiving these messages will incorporate each of the emails.

Who are your personal data transmitted to and additional information about the place and way of their publishing?

Your personal data will be transmitted to the project coordinators being the UP21 s.r.o. company, its IN is 03922961 and the Air Ventures s.r.o. company, its IN is 04999851. Some of your personal data (especially your project presentation) will also be transmitted to the companies who are the potential investors or business partners of your project. Your personal data can also be directly provided to your potential investors.

Your personal data and your team members personal data [as for instance their names, surnames and photographs if need be] and your project information will be published on the contest website or the social networks (as for instance the Facebook, the Instagram, the Twitter and the LinkedIn) while announcing the contest results.

Your personal data are neither transmitted to any other companies nor published. In addition to this we always make sure in advance that the persons to whom we send your personal data treat them minimum as well as we do. You do not have to be afraid that the personal data you will provide us are not safe enough.

How long do we preserve your personal data?

We are going to preserve your personal data for 5 years since the end of the contest.

What are the rights related to your personal data?

The right to access your personal data meaning you can ask us what type of your personal data we preserve and what kind of actions were taken and are going to be taken in relation to them during the preservation period.

The right to correct your personal data – in case your personal data that we register are not updated or are incorrect you can ask our company to correct them.

The right to raise an objection – in case you assume that we process your personal data beyond the frame of our legitimate interest to prevent repeated orders and non-picking up the goods, you can raise an objection against such processing which we have to deal with.

The right to delete your personal data (the so-called 'right to be deleted') meaning that we are obliged to delete all your personal data on your request which we register for instance in the case you wish to be no longer registered in our database. Nevertheless there may be another reason empowering or obliging us to preserve your personal data (for instance the duty resulting from the Accounting Act under point 4, etc.) due to which we would not be able to delete the personal data.

The right to limit the processing of your personal data – in some cases we are entitled to preserve your personal data but we are not entitled to use them for any purpose; This happens in the following cases:

  • you declare that your personal data is inaccurate and we need to verify your declaration
  • if the personal data processing is unauthorized but you do not wish us to delete the personal data and request to limit their processing only instead of deleting them.
  • if we no longer need your personal data but you request us to preserve them for exercising your rights
  • you raise an objection against processing the personal data in the period in which we verify whether the personal data will be processed within the frame of our significant interest or not.

The right to transmit your data – we can provide you your personal data which we process on the bases of the contract concluded, your agreement to provide us your personal data and which are automated simultaneously on your request. We are able to provide you such type of data in the commonly used, machine-readable format. If need be we can transmit these data to the administrator you will appoint in case he will agree to it.

The right to lodge a complaint-in case you assume that we are violating the rules of personal data processing in some respect you are entitled to lodge a complaint with the Office for Personal Data Protection.

Are your personal data safe enough while preserved by our company?

Certainly! All your personal data are fully secured against abuse and carefully guarded to prevent being accessed by any unauthorized persons.

In case you have a question related to our privacy policy you can write us to the following e-mail address: hello@swcsummit.com. We may occasionally update these terms that is why we recommend you to visit this webpage from time to time.